We’re proud of the work we’ve done … and our clients are pleased with our work, too
  • “Seacom, the company that handled the cabling, just called with a question about the signal quality. Apparently upon learning from their installer that a “plate” was not used for the HDMI connection behind the wall, they are concerned the signal may have some interference. Honestly, in all my years doing this I have never encountered a more conscientious and professional company. If any of you ever have need for any cabling, tv installation or have a client with that need I would highly recommend getting a proposal from Seacom.”

  • “I was very impressed with your entire team. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and incredibly detail oriented. Those traits can also describe the technician who handled the cabling.  On top of that, your services were quite reasonably priced.  Our phone vendor was so impressed with your job they asked me to send them your contact information for use on future jobs. You should see the finished IT room – it’s a work of art!”


  • “I rely heavily on vendors, and I set the bar high. When I approach Seacom with a request, they offer multiple creative solutions, which is very helpful to me. I just don’t have the staff or expertise to cover everything internally, and Seacom is very dependable, resourceful, and professional”

    IT Manager
    St. Christophers School

  • “My firm has used Seacom on countless projects for over 20 years. I am certain I do not praise and thank them enough for the great job they do, start to finish. From wiring complete buildings down to fixing a jack they always come through for us, even on the shortest of deadlines, and do so without hesitation or complaint and with complete thoroughness. The attention I receive and friendliness from all of their employees makes me feel as if I’m their only customer!”

    Scott & Stringfellow

  • “Because of Collegiate’s size, partnering with Seacom is ideal. We do not have the internal expertise needed for each job; that’s why we count on Seacom. They really are our Technology Departments 7th staff member, and we consider them a part of the Collegiate IT team. We lean on Seacom as an expert and as a partner, especially in the consulting phase of a project, in return they work dilegently on our behalf”

  • “Just a quick note say thanks for helping us out on the T-Mobile project. The Seacom technicians working with us are hard workers, know what they’re doing, and are easy to work with. I’m looking forward to continuing work with Seacom!”

    Matt Napier
    NBS Media Systems

  • “Dennis, I was the tech on site at Wilmington. I wanted to drop you an email to let you know the techs from Seacom did an excellent job. The interruption to the office seemed minimal. The wiring was neat and clearly marked/labeled on both ends. As you know it makes the job go a lot better when there are no wire issues. I would appreciate you passing this along to your Seacom contact. Thanks, Larry “

    Matrix Technologies

  • “Thanks to you and your company, the T-1 is now up and running. Jodi was very impressed by your technician’s professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. The telephone company had to add a second doubler (repeater) to the circuit to get it going. If you ever need a recommendation, don’t hesitate to contact me.”

    AZ Information Services

  • “The technical quality of Seacom’s work is extremely high. Because they are a standards-based company, I know the work will be done efficiently and properly the first time, with minimal supervision on my part. Seacom always completes a reliable installation for the long-term”

    “Compared to other contractors I’ve worked with, Seacom makes it easy for me to call them directly and rely on them for quality work.”

    Network Manager
    St. Catherine's School

  • “I just wanted to take a moment to compliment your team for a job well done at our recent Richmond office renovation. I have heard nothing but good feedback from both our staff and the other contractors about how courteous and cooperative the guys have been. The contractor indicated that it was one of the best teams that they have worked with. I am especially thankful to Ross for all his willingness to keep things moving on schedule.”

    Lifenet Health Office Renovation

  • “It truly was a pleasure working with you and the rest of your folks. Seacom has easily rated as one of the best contractors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I especially would like to recognize Kevin both for his excellent workmanship, professionalism, and great work ethic, and I hope that he is recognized by Seacom for that. Paul Correia, CCCA Associate Construction Services and Administration AECOM Design “

    AECOM Design

  • “I can’t thank you enough for taking care of our underground fiber issues between the High and Middle Schools. We had been running on a wing and a prayer for quite a while. Good to know it was done by a company we can trust. I have been meaning to send a thank you note for some time. Your work here is a vital part of our daily operation. We’ll call again when we have the need – You can bet on that!”

    Sussex County Schools

  • “We didn’t start this project with a building… we started with plans and a target move-in date. No matter what obstacles we encountered, from wiring count changes to office and cubicle configuration changes, Seacom kept us on track.”

    Seacom guys were pulling cable when the roof was still leaking. And, as much of our space was over a parking garage, that presented additional challenges of running cable in secure conduit outside, with spare capacity available. Even with those obstacles and our extremely short timeline, Seacom met target dates on all counts.”

    Hank Cohn
    IT Operations Manager
    WorldStrides IT Department

  • “Our short timeline required that we have multiple trades onsite. Seacom worked hand-in-hand with HVAC, electrical and the general construction firms to make sure that everything was coordinated and nobody was undoing what somebody else just spent the last few hours doing.”

    “Seacom brings strong dedication to their everyday work. I can count on a job done quickly and with remarkable quality, over and over again.”

    Mark Ryder
    Director of IT Operations
    Allianz Assistance

  • “In this very competitive and aggressive business climate everyone is looking for a ‘good deal.’ However, most organizations really want quality more than they want a good price. We were able to achieve both goals using Seacom.”

    “Rarely have I worked with an organization that was so focused on doing everything properly, right from the start. The execution of the work was extremely professional, from the cable routing, right down to the documentation. Seacom was a true partner in every aspect of our project and we look forward to our next engagement”.

    George Chernenko
    Chief Technology Officer
    GC Consulting Solutions LLC